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Windows and doors do exclusively to individual customer orders.

For windows and doors, I use seasoned wood, glued trójwarstwo carefully selected, and pięciowarstwowo czterowarstwowo depending on the type and thickness of the window frames. The most commonly used material is kontówka pine, red-mahogany, oak, European, Siberian larch, oak, Malaysian and American oak.

I offer the following shapes of windows:

  • rectangular,
  • polygonal,
  • arc,
  • round,
  • trapezoidal,
  • elliptical,
  • triangular,

The functions:

  • tilting,
  • rotary
  • constant,
  • sliding
  • tilt and slide,
  • sliding vertically,

The windows can be used bars:

  • construction,
  • Vienna glued - RETRO profile,
  • GLUE - SOFTLINE profile,
  • wewnątrzszybowy width of 8 mm to 45 mm in the color palette by RALL


A set of thermofloat dwuszybowy, filling - argon.

Optional dual-chamber set trzyszybowy filled with argon - krypton.

Thickness of sets:

standard - 24 mm,
options from 12 to 44 mm.

In addition, I use a glass:

reflective and mirror,
reflective convex
chamfered edges of different widths,
stained glass,
chemically etched,

Mirrors - according to the wishes of every possible shape, size, thickness and type of phasing including the fitting of a wooden frame, plastic and metal.

Large selection of image strips in widths from 1 cm to 10 cm.

Hardware used, depending on model and type of windows as well as their purpose:

EURO WINDOWS - enveloped hardware Wink-haus, one of the best companies in the European market. Reliable, strong, with many additional options to enhance comfort and safety of windows, having such a mechanism for multi-stage tilt windows and multiple anti-theft.

ENGLISH WINDOWS moved vertically

Caldwell's fitting spiral,
hardware counter - weights,
closure of the English eccentric type

ENGLISH windows opening to the outside - fittings friction Cotswold Company


przechylno-turn fittings,
awning hardware,
casement fittings,


specially made by the architectural style of the Netherlands,
respectively opened to the outside, inside or moved vertically upwards,
design framework adapted to the Dutch style, combined with modern hardware parameters such as user-Haus et al. and glass such as laminated glass one-and two-chamber with varying degrees of heat transfer,
Optional replacement - old glass pane in the windows and the Netherlands,

Painting: body colors, glazes and varnishes companies: Dutch and German SIEKENS SIGMA; color palette according to roles.